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In the current leasing environment, there are many opportunities to sell or acquire existing portfolios, either in total or by equipment segment (category).  These activities usually require a detailed examination of the portfolio for quality, loss exposures, and income potential.  Time constraints, staffing, or financial considerations may limit your opportunities.

Independent Equipment Company (IEC) can provide a dedicated staff to fully support your requirements for review and due diligence examination of equipment value/risk in the sale or acquisition of portfolios.

IEC's process and reporting to its clients includes:

  • on-site visit to examine each customer file, including review of documentation and appraisal/risk commentary;

  • where appropriate, inspection of equipment either warehoused by the lessor, or still under lease;

  • review of the portfolio in total, and/or by equipment segment, to assess degree of risk, balance, or concentrations;

  • discussion with management of the selling company to determine residual risk philosophy, residual setting methodology, and income and loss experience;

  • projection of income potential or loss risk, based on average equipment retention or return experience, and our forecasted value expressed for incremental periods up to expiration of final lease term; and

  • review or discussion of any vendor or third party relationships that either lend support (e.g. remarketing assistance), or mitigate value (e.g. residual sharing requirements) of residuals.  



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